Commit b3e267c4 authored by Misbah Mubarak's avatar Misbah Mubarak

Adding contributors, updating release number, updating tests to include files in extra-dist

parent 0b537fd1
Contributions of external (non-Argonne) collaborators:
Nikhil Jain, Abhinav Bhatele (LLNL)
- Improvements in credit-based flow control of CODES dragonfly and torus network models.
- Addition of direct scheme for setting up dragonfly network topology.
......@@ -9,8 +11,22 @@ Nikhil Jain, Abhinav Bhatele (LLNL)
- Pending: Merging Express mesh model to master.
Jens Domke (U. of Dresden)
- Static routing in fat tree network model.
- Static routing in fat tree network model including ground work for
dumping the topology and reading the routing tables.
Xu Yang (IIT)
- Added support for running multiple application workloads with CODES MPI
Simulation layer, along with supporting scripts and utilities.
Noah Wolfe (RPI):
- Added a slim fly network model based on the topology proposed by Besta,
Hoefler et al.
- Added a fat tree network model that supports full and pruned fat tree
- Added a multi-rail implementation for the fat tree networks (pending).
- Bug reporter for CODES network models.
Caitlin Ross (RPI):
- Added instrumentation so that network models can report sampled
statistics over virtual time (pending).
- Bug reporter for CODES models.
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
# Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
AC_INIT([codes], [0.5.2], [],[],[])
AC_INIT([codes], [0.6.0], [],[],[])
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ machines.
0 - Checkout, build, and install the trunk version of ROSS
( At the time of
release (0.5.2), ROSS's latest commit hash was d3bdc07, so this revision is
release (0.6.0), ROSS's latest commit hash was 10d7a06b2d, so this revision is
"safe" in the unlikely case incompatible changes come along in the future. If
working from the CODES master branches, use the ROSS master branch.
......@@ -42,7 +42,8 @@ TESTS += tests/ \
tests/ \
EXTRA_DIST += tests/ \
EXTRA_DIST += tests/ \
tests/ \
tests/workload/ \
tests/workload/codes-workload-test.conf \
tests/workload/README.txt \
......@@ -68,6 +69,7 @@ EXTRA_DIST += tests/ \
tests/ \
tests/ \
tests/ \
tests/ \
tests/ \
tests/ \
tests/ \
......@@ -87,6 +89,10 @@ EXTRA_DIST += tests/ \
tests/conf/modelnet-test-latency-tri.conf \
tests/conf/modelnet-test-torus.conf \
tests/conf/ng-mpi-tukey.dat \
src/network-workloads/conf/modelnet-mpi-test-slimfly-min.conf \
src/network-workloads/conf/modelnet-mpi-test-dfly-amg-216.conf \
src/network-workloads/conf/dragonfly-custom/intra-theta \
src/network-workloads/conf/dragonfly-custom/inter-theta \
tests_lp_io_test_SOURCES = tests/lp-io-test.c
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