1. 17 Feb, 2014 3 commits
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      Integrate darshan workload generator · e7038102
      Shane Snyder authored
      Pull all darshan workload generator logic into the workload generator
      API. Nondeterminism (i.e. using rand()) still needs to be removed from
      generating collective I/O events, since they will now be generated in
      a collective manner -- not independently as before. Also, still need
      to sort out collective timing issues.
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      Fix build issues with linking with darshan · 85cccba5
      Shane Snyder authored
      Now, specify the darshan install directory with --with-darshan=/dir/
      to build the darshan workload generator and link it with test
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      Update autoconf/automake to include darshan dependencies · 0b9979f2
      Shane Snyder authored
      Modifications to autotools to include necessary info for building
      the darshan workload API. This API compiles fine, but the mpi replay
      test is not linking properly with darshan library.
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