Commit f37b29b9 authored by Matthieu Dorier's avatar Matthieu Dorier
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added comments on what to add next

parent 026b797a
......@@ -651,6 +651,14 @@ int dumpi_trace_nw_workload_load(const char* params, int app_id, int rank)
} else {
profile = cortex_undumpi_open(file_name, app_id, dumpi_params->num_net_traces, rank);
// TODO: call cortex_placement_set (from cortex/placement.h) to set the compute node id of
// each rank of the application
// TODO: call cortex_topology_set (from cortex/topology.h) to set the topology to one of
// the topologies defined in codes/cortex-topology.h depending on which network we are dealing with.
// Note: there might be a better we to do this, for instance by adding the cortex_topology inside
// the network's model_net_method structure?
profile = undumpi_open(file_name);
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