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......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ provides LP counts using the aforementioned filtering options.
The API can be found at codes/codes_mapping.h. doc/example/example.c shows a
simple example of the mapping functionality, while the test program
tests/mapping_test.c with configuration file tests/conf/mapping_test.conf
exhaustively demonstrate the mapping API.
extensively demonstrates the mapping API.
== Workload generator(s)
......@@ -75,13 +75,12 @@ and network events; data could come from a trace file, from Darshan, or from a
synthetic description.
The workload generator is currently a work in progress, and the API is subject
to change. We currently have standalone IO and network workload generators, the
former exposing a "POSIX-ish" open/close/read/write interface, and the latter
exposing an "MPI-ish" send/recv/barrier/collective interface. In the future, we
will be unifying these generators.
to change. The I/O generation component exposes a "POSIX-ish"
open/close/read/write interface, while the network generation component exposes
an "MPI-ish" send/recv/barrier/collective interface.
As an additional utility, we provide a simple debug program,
src/workload/codes-workload-dump, that processes the workload and prints to
src/workload/codes-workload-dump, that processes a given workload and prints to
standard out.
=== IO
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