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update README for modelnet test program

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- The test.conf file has the mapping of model-net and server LPs (currently 16 server LPs and 16 modelnet LPs)
- To run the program :
./modelnettest --sync=1 test.conf
mpirun -np 4 ./modelnettest --sync=2 test.conf (The synchronization protocol is specified before the file name)
Test programs can be run with the "make check" make target. All programs
will be executed in sequential mode.
You can also run the test program manually in parallel (conservative or
optimistic) mode as follows:
mpiexec -n 4 tests/modelnet-test --sync=2 tests/modelnet-test.conf
mpiexec -n 4 tests/modelnet-test --sync=3 tests/modelnet-test.conf
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