Commit af6be11d authored by Jonathan Jenkins's avatar Jonathan Jenkins
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use the correct lpid for noop events

parent 71bfa7b3
......@@ -246,7 +246,10 @@ static model_net_event_return model_net_noop_event(
if (remote_event_size && remote_event != NULL) {
poffset += codes_local_latency(sender);
tw_event *e = tw_event_new(final_dest_lp, poffset+offset, sender);
/* special case - in a "pull" event, the "remote" message is actually
* to self */
tw_event *e = tw_event_new(is_pull ? sender->gid : final_dest_lp,
poffset+offset, sender);
memcpy(tw_event_data(e), remote_event, remote_event_size);
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