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checklist for creating a codes release

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Notes on how to release a new version of CODES
0. Determine what to release
- check CODES GitLab to see if there are any pending tickets that should be
resolved for this release
- if there are WIP pieces of code (say, a network or workload model...), make
sure to note them as such in the release notes
1. Document
- Ensure public headers are sufficiently documented
- Update release notes at doc/RELEASE_NOTES
- A useful heuristic is to go through the git commit log, then cull down and
categorize the updates. Example:
'git log --topo-order --format="** %h %s <%an>%+b" 0.5.2..master > release-log.out'
(replace the release tag as appropriate)
See 'man git-log' for other options.
- Update doc/BUILD_STEPS (if necessary) and doc/GETTING_STARTED
- GETTING_STARTED is more of a feature and usage overview now, so new
features should be documented at a high level there.
- Update the ROSS commit hash used to build codes in BUILD_STEPS
- Point to misc. documentation. We have scattered documents around, make sure
people can find them.
- Update version number in
2. Generate/test release tarball
- Run 'make dist' to generate a distribution tarball
- Extract the tarball in another directory, configure, run 'make check'
- Verify that non-source files to distribute (docs, test conf files, etc.) have
been added to EXTRA_DIST in and the various Makefile.subdir's and
are present in the tarball. To get a list of files to check, run:
'git diff --name-only --diff-filter=A 0.5.2..master'
(replace the release tag as appropriate)
3. Tag release
- Create an annotated tag containing just the version number as the name. E.g.,
'git tag -a 0.5.3 -m "CODES 0.5.3 Release"'
(replace the release tag as appropriate)
- Push the tag ('git push origin 0.5.3')
(replace the release tag as appropriate)
4. Upload the release tarball
- Our release directory is at . There's no
web interface, so you have to get onto an MCS workstation and copy the
release in that way.
5. Update website
- Project wordpress: (you need
permission to modify)
-- Add an entry to the Downloads page
-- Make a announcement blog entry. For an example, see
6. Announce to mailing lists
7. Go on break
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