Commit 8a4cd871 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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Modify method for specifying loggp config file

Instead of specifying the loggp config file path relative to the
path of the respective executable file, you now must specify it
relative to the path of the master config file.
parent abdd1078
......@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ int model_net_set_params()
char net_config_file[256];
loggp_param net_params;
configuration_get_value(&config, "PARAMS", "net_config_file", net_config_file, 256);
configuration_get_value_relpath(&config, "PARAMS", "net_config_file", net_config_file, 256);
net_params.net_config_file = net_config_file;
net_id = model_net_setup("loggp", packet_size, (const void*)&net_params); /* Sets the network as loggp and packet size 512 */
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