Commit 7940d490 authored by Xin's avatar Xin
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add collective overhead v2: constant plus per byte

parent 241452e7
......@@ -74,7 +74,8 @@ int num_traces_of_job[5];
tw_stime soft_delay_mpi = 1250;
tw_stime nic_delay = 250;
tw_stime copy_per_byte_eager = 0.55;
tw_stime col_overhead_per_byte = 1.5;
tw_stime col_overhead_per_byte = 0.8;
tw_stime col_soft_overhead = 6000;
char file_name_of_job[5][8192];
struct codes_jobmap_ctx *jobmap_ctx;
......@@ -1507,7 +1508,7 @@ static void codes_exec_mpi_send(nw_state* s,
tw_stime collective_overhead = 0;
collective_overhead = col_overhead_per_byte * mpi_op->u.send.num_bytes;
collective_overhead = col_soft_overhead + col_overhead_per_byte * mpi_op->u.send.num_bytes;
if(mpi_op->u.send.num_bytes < EAGER_THRESHOLD)
......@@ -2537,6 +2538,8 @@ const tw_optdef app_opt [] =
TWOPT_UINT("preserve_wait_ordering", preserve_wait_ordering, "only enable when getting unmatched send/recv errors in optimistic mode (turning on slows down simulation)"),
TWOPT_UINT("debug_cols", debug_cols, "completion time of collective operations (currently MPI_AllReduce)"),
TWOPT_UINT("enable_col_overhead", enable_col_overhead, "adding overhead to collective operations (currently MPI_AllReduce)"),
TWOPT_STIME("col_overhead_per_byte",col_overhead_per_byte, "collective call overhead per byte"),
TWOPT_STIME("col_soft_overhead",col_soft_overhead, "collective call constant overhead"),
TWOPT_UINT("enable_mpi_debug", enable_debug, "enable debugging of MPI sim layer (works with sync=1 only)"),
TWOPT_UINT("sampling_interval", sampling_interval, "sampling interval for MPI operations"),
TWOPT_UINT("enable_sampling", enable_sampling, "enable sampling (only works in sequential mode)"),
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