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stats caveats, cleaning up dbg msgs for simplewan

parent 4a1599b2
......@@ -34,3 +34,18 @@ ignored, but linebreaks are not, and delimit rows of the matrix. The relative
simplewan identifiers 1..N are assigned to simplewan LPs in the order of
their appearance in the codes-configuration file. In the future, a full NxN
matrix may be used to facilitate asymmetric link capacities if the need arises.
The model-net statistics are slightly more complex than in other model-net
implementations because there are in essence multiple queues per simplewan
instance. In particular, the "send time" and "recv time" stats are computed as
ranges of time in which the simplewan LP is actively sending/receiving data
from *any* link. Hence, simple bandwidth calculations (send bytes / send time)
may not be accurate due to skew in message issuance.
Having more than one category in simplewan will cause the times in the
derived "all" category to be off. "all" is currently implemented as the sum of
the various categories, which doesn't work when times in certain categories may
......@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@
#define CATEGORY_MAX 12
/*Define simplewan data types and structs*/
typedef struct sw_message sw_message;
typedef struct sw_state sw_state;
......@@ -533,12 +535,15 @@ static void handle_msg_ready_event(
m->recv_next_idle_all_saved = idles->recv_next_idle_all;
m->recv_prev_idle_all_saved = idles->recv_prev_idle_all;
printf("%d: from_id:%d now: %8.3lf next_idle_recv: %8.3lf\n",
ns->id, m->src_mn_rel_id,
tw_now(lp), ns->recv_next_idle[m->src_mn_rel_id]);
printf("%d: BEFORE all_idles_recv %8.3lf %8.3lf\n",
idles->recv_prev_idle_all, idles->recv_next_idle_all);
/* update global idles, recv time */
if (tw_now(lp) > idles->recv_next_idle_all){
......@@ -552,6 +557,7 @@ static void handle_msg_ready_event(
idles->recv_next_idle_all = ns->recv_next_idle[m->src_mn_rel_id];
printf("%d: AFTER all_idles_recv %8.3lf %8.3lf",
ns->id, idles->recv_prev_idle_all, idles->recv_next_idle_all);
if (m->event_size_bytes>0){
......@@ -560,6 +566,7 @@ static void handle_msg_ready_event(
printf(" - without event\n");
/* copy only the part of the message used by higher level */
......@@ -665,11 +672,13 @@ static void handle_msg_start_event(
if(stat->max_event_size < total_event_size)
stat->max_event_size = total_event_size;
printf("%d: to_id:%d now: %8.3lf next_idle_send: %8.3lf\n",
ns->id, dest_rel_id,
tw_now(lp), ns->send_next_idle[dest_rel_id]);
printf("%d: BEFORE all_idles_send %8.3lf %8.3lf\n",
ns->id, idles->send_prev_idle_all, idles->send_next_idle_all);
/* update global idles, send time */
if (tw_now(lp) > idles->send_next_idle_all){
......@@ -682,6 +691,7 @@ static void handle_msg_start_event(
idles->send_next_idle_all = ns->send_next_idle[dest_rel_id];
printf("%d: AFTER all_idles_send %8.3lf %8.3lf",
ns->id, idles->send_prev_idle_all, idles->send_next_idle_all);
if (m->local_event_size_bytes>0){
......@@ -690,6 +700,7 @@ static void handle_msg_start_event(
printf(" - without local event\n");
/* create new event to send msg to receiving NIC */
// printf("\n msg start sending to %d ", dest_id);
......@@ -753,10 +764,12 @@ static tw_stime simplewan_packet_event(
xfer_to_nic_time = codes_local_latency(sender);
printf("%lu: final %lu packet sz %d remote sz %d self sz %d is_last_pckt %d latency %lf\n",
(dest_id - 1) / 2, final_dest_lp, packet_size,
remote_event_size, self_event_size, is_last_pckt,
e_new = tw_event_new(dest_id, xfer_to_nic_time+offset, sender);
msg = tw_event_data(e_new);
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