Commit 77989e77 authored by Noah Wolfe's avatar Noah Wolfe
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Forgot to add bin_PROGRAMS line to Makefile.subdir to make executable for synth-slim workload

parent 156cbee5
......@@ -172,6 +172,7 @@ bin_PROGRAMS += src/network-workloads/model-net-mpi-replay
bin_PROGRAMS += src/network-workloads/model-net-mpi-wrklds
bin_PROGRAMS += src/network-workloads/model-net-dumpi-traces-dump
bin_PROGRAMS += src/network-workloads/model-net-synthetic
bin_PROGRAMS += src/network-workloads/model-net-synthetic-slimfly
src_workload_codes_workload_dump_SOURCES = \
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