Commit 70ca1631 authored by Jens Domke's avatar Jens Domke

make static routing independent of ibdiag tools

multiple people had install issues with the fts toolchain
so lets remove some bloatware from it
parent 2d4e7765
......@@ -84,31 +84,27 @@ tar xzf fts.tgz
cd fault_tolerance_simulation/
rm 0001-*.patch 0002-*.patch 0003-*.patch 0004-*.patch 0005-*.patch
tar xzf $P_PATH/sar.patches.tgz
mv opensm-3.3.20.tar.gz opensm.tar.gz
mv ibutils-1.5.7-0.2.gbd7e502.tar.gz ibutils.tar.gz
mv infiniband-diags-1.6.7.tar.gz infiniband-diags.tar.gz
mv libibmad-1.3.12.tar.gz libibmad.tar.gz
mv libibumad- libibumad.tar.gz
patch -p1 < $P_PATH/fts.patch
./ -s
./ -s
2. Add LFT creating scripts to the fall-in-place toolchain.
cd $HOME/simulation/scripts
patch -p1 < $P_PATH/lft.patch
chmod +x post_process_*
chmod +x
chmod +x
3. Choose a routing algorithm which should be used by OpenSM
(possible options: updn, dnup, ftree, lash, dor, torus-2QoS, dfsssp, sssp)
export OSM_ROUTING="ftree"
export OSM_ROUTING="ftree"
~/simulation/scripts/ routing_folder dot_file
(here routing_folder and dot_file should be same as the one used during the run used to dump the topology)
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