Commit 50a21405 authored by Jonathan Jenkins's avatar Jonathan Jenkins Committed by Misbah Mubarak
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if no lsm lps are used, don't attempt to config

parent 5ea2c1f3
......@@ -783,6 +783,11 @@ static void read_config(ConfigHandle *ch, char * anno, disk_model_t *model)
void lsm_configure(void)
/* check and see if any lsm LPs are being used - otherwise,
* skip the config */
if (0 == codes_mapping_get_lp_count(NULL, 0, LSM_NAME, NULL, 1))
anno_map = codes_mapping_get_lp_anno_map(LSM_NAME);
models_anno = malloc(anno_map->num_annos * sizeof(*models_anno));
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