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......@@ -67,6 +67,24 @@ simple example of the mapping functionality, while the test program
tests/mapping_test.c with configuration file tests/conf/mapping_test.conf
extensively demonstrates the mapping API.
=== LP mapping context
In many cases (the resource and local storage model LPs, and modelnet in
codes-net), the mapping from caller to callee LPs are implicit. The
codes-mapping context API (codes/codes-mapping-context.h) provides various
options for influencing these mappings, as well as providing the capability to
bypass codes-mapping and send messages directly to an LP. The test file
tests/map-ctx-test.c, along with the config file tests/conf/map-ctx-test.conf
provides the best usage examples.
== LP messaging conventions
Models in CODES that have a request-response form of communication resembling
that of RPCs follow a specific convention, defined in codes/codes-callback.h.
The header documents the convention. The current best example usage is in the
CODES sources themselves, i.e. in codes/resource-lp.h, src/util/resource-lp.c,
codes/local-storage-model.h, and src/util/local-storage-model.c.
== Workload generator(s)
codes-workload is an in-development abstraction layer for feeding I/O / network
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