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misc. doc changes for bgp->iolang rename

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......@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ readat/writeat.
More detailed documentation on the language is ongoing, but for now a general
example can be seen at doc/workload, which shows a simple out-of-core data
shuffle. Braver souls may wish to visit the implementation at src/iokernellang
and src/workload/codes-bgp-io-wrkld.c.
and src/workload/codes-iolang-wrkld.c.
The following restrictions currently apply to the IO language:
* all user-defined variables must be a single, lower-case letter (the symbol
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ NOTE: NUM_PROCS need not match the number of ranks in the actual workload. I.E.
This file contains the sample configuration for each of the 3 (current) workload generators: test
workload generator, bgp i/o language workload generator, and the darshan i/o workload_generator.
workload generator, i/o language workload generator, and the darshan i/o workload_generator.
These configuration files are passed as arguments to both the codes-workload-test and the
codes-workload-mpi-replay programs. A summary of each workloads parameters is given below (NOTE:
these parameters should be updated each time a new paramter is added to each workload):
......@@ -50,24 +50,21 @@ PARAMS
2.) bgp i/o language workload generator:
2.) i/o language workload generator:
workload_type = "bgp_io_workload";
workload_type = "iolang_workload";
io_kernel_meta_path = "/path/to/io/kernel/meta.txt";
bgp_config_file = "/path/to/bgp/config/file.txt";
rank_count = "8";
- workload_type is just the name of this generator ("bgp_io_workload")
- workload_type is just the name of this generator ("iolang_workload")
- io_kernel_meta_path is the path to the i/o kernel meta file
- bgp_config_file is the path to the bgp config file
- rank_count is the number of ranks to generate i/o for
- this needs to match the range of ranks given in the io_kernel_meta_file
- this also needs to match the num_cn value in the bgp_config_file
- NOTE: num_ion should be set so there is 1 ion for every 64 cns
- NOTE: num_fileserver and num_es must be 64 or 123 (half or full storage system)
(unless -1 is used in the meta file, in which case the given number of
ranks will be used)
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