Commit 333037be authored by Xin's avatar Xin
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col alltoall start

parent d4fc58db
......@@ -657,7 +657,7 @@ int handleDUMPIAlltoall(const dumpi_alltoall *prm, uint16_t thread,
wrkld_per_rank.op_type = CODES_WK_ALLTOALL;
wrkld_per_rank.u.collective.num_bytes = prm->sendcount * get_num_bytes(myctx,prm->sendtype);
assert(wrkld_per_rank.u.collective.num_bytes > 0);
printf("\n alltoall op, data size %llu", wrkld_per_rank.u.collective.num_bytes);
update_times_and_insert(&wrkld_per_rank, wall, myctx);
return 0;
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