Commit 0e586bf5 authored by Jonathan Jenkins's avatar Jonathan Jenkins
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copy over local event on rc as well

parent a41e621f
......@@ -302,8 +302,9 @@ static void create_prepend_to_terminal_message_list(
init_terminal_message_list(new_entry, msg);
if(msg->remote_event_size_bytes) {
void *m_data = model_net_method_get_edata(DRAGONFLY, msg);
new_entry->event_data = (void*)malloc(msg->remote_event_size_bytes);
memcpy(new_entry->event_data, m_data, msg->remote_event_size_bytes);
size_t s = msg->remote_event_size_bytes + msg->local_event_size_bytes;
new_entry->event_data = (void*)malloc(s);
memcpy(new_entry->event_data, m_data, s);
prepend_to_terminal_message_list( thisq, thistail, index, new_entry);
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