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cleanup of much of the code base
more informative error for failure to find modelnet lps

reorganized files to prevent name collisions on OSX. Top-level docs other than
  copyright now in doc directory
updated code documentation
fix linker error in certain cases with codes-base
tweaked config error handling

made torus lps agnostic to groups and aware of annotations
miscellaneous fixes to dragonfly model (TODO: which UIUC folks to credit)
updates to simplep2p: support for having different latency/bw at sender &
  receiver end. See src/models/networks/model-net/doc/README.simplep2p.txt
minor fixes to usage of quickhash in replay tool
fixed RNG reverse computation bug in loggp
fixed swapped arguments in round-robin scheduler causing short circuit

minor changes to dumpi trace config files
resolving minor bug with reverse computation in dumpi traces
Updating network trace code to use the combined workload API
Adding synthetic traffic patterns (currently with dragonfly model)
Adding network workload test program for debugging
Updating MPI wait/wait_all code in replay tool

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Initial "official" release. Against previous repository revisions, this release
includes more complete documentation and a rename of the "simplewan" model to
the "simplep2p" (simple point-to-point) model to more accurately represent
what it's modeling.