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Nikhil Jain, Abhinav Bhatele (LLNL)
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    - Improvements in credit-based flow control of CODES dragonfly and torus network models.
    - Addition of direct scheme for setting up dragonfly network topology.
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    - Network configuration setup for custom dragonfly model.
    - Topology generations scripts for custom dragonfly model.
    - Bug fix for virtual channel deadlocks in custom dragonfly model.
    - Bug reporter for CODES network models.
    - Fat tree network setup and adaptive routing.
    - Pending: Merging Express mesh model to master.
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Jens Domke (U. of Dresden)
    - Static routing in fat tree network model.
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Xu Yang (IIT)
    - Added support for running multiple application workloads with CODES MPI
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Jonathan Jenkins committed
      Simulation layer, along with supporting scripts and utilities.