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#### (experimental) Argo integration testing
This small repository contains the minimal code necessary to run
integration tests across the argo stack, using various applications.
It leverages the argopkgs repo, but overrides some sources in it with
their master branch counterparts. see file `default.nix` for details.
The file `./` is provided as a convenience and should be
all that is necessary to run these tests on a nix-enabled machine.
The real intended usage is to override some of the source with a WIP version,
as part of development or continuous integration. This gitlab CI snippets shows
how to do this on a nix-enabled runner:
stage: test
- cd `mktemp -d`
- git clone
- cd argotest
- nix-shell -A test --run ./integration.hs --arg nrm-src $BUILD
- /^wip\/.*/
- /^WIP\/.*/
- integration
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