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#### integration testing
Integration tests that validate the argo stack, leveraging the
'argopkgs' repository. The intended usage is to override (some of) the
source(s) with WIP version(s), as part of development or continuous
### Usage
- \[**1**\] Get Nix: `curl | sh`
- \[**2**\] Use the `test` attribute of the argotest' nix attribute
set to enter a test environment. For example, we can run default
tests on the "argopkgs-pinned" version of argo components using:
``` {.bash}
nix-shell -E '
argotest-src =
builtins.fetchGit {
url =;
argotest = import argotest-src {};
### Hacking
- edit `` in place of and generate using
#### deprecated
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