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Using _output instead of a temporary directory -> solves some nosuid issues

on some systems.

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......@@ -77,10 +77,9 @@ prepareDaemonShell
prepareDaemonShell wd dargs daemon_out daemon_err nrm_log = do
mktree wd
cd wd
confPath <- myWhich "argo_nodeos_config"
myWhich "daemon"
tempDirPath <- mktempdir "/tmp" "argo-expe"
let confPath' = tempDirPath </> "argo_nodeos_config"
confPath <- myWhich "argo_nodeos_config"
let confPath' = "./argo_nodeos_config"
cp confPath confPath'
printInfo $ format ("Copied the configurator to " % fp % "\n") confPath'
printInfo $ format "Trying to sudo chown and chmod argo_nodeos_config\n"
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