Commit 7b44ffe0 authored by Brice Videau's avatar Brice Videau
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parent f4f69f82
......@@ -112,11 +112,13 @@ class Hyperparameter(Object):
def check_values(self, values):
sz = len(values)
v = (ccs_datum * sz)(*values)
v = (ccs_datum * sz)()
for i in range(len(values)):
v[i].value = values[i]
b = (ccs_bool * sz)()
res = ccs_hyperparameter_check_values(self.handle, sz, v, b)
return [lambda x: False if x == 0 else true for x in b]
return [False if x == 0 else True for x in b]
def sample(self, distribution = None, rng = None):
if distribution is None:
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