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# AI_science
This tutorial is aimed at students who are interested in learning about Machine Learning techniques. The tutorial relies on IPyhton Notebooks which are targeted for running on [Google's Colaboratory Platform]( This platform gives the user a virtual machine in which to run python codes including machine learning codes.
# Before You Arrive
Do the following before you come to the tutorial:
* You need a Google Account to use Colaboratory
* Goto [Google's Colaboratory Platform](
* You should see this page
* Click on the `New Python 3 Notebook` at it may say `Python 2` but just click the drop down arrow and select the `Python 3` option.
* Now you will see a new notebook where you can type in python code.
* After you enter code, type `shift+enter` to execute the code cell.
* A full introduction to the notebook environment is out of scope for this tutorial, but many can be found with a [simple google search](
* We will be using notebooks from this repository during the tutorial, so you should be familiar with how to import them into Colaboratory
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