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Darshan Release Change Log
* split darshan into separate packages:
- darshan-runtime: for runtime instrumentation
- darshan-utils: for processing darshan log files
* changed default output file name for to be based on
input file name rather than summary.pdf
* reorganized init and finalize routines so that can be linked separately (to
allow for easier integration with other instrumentation tools)
* add -cc, -cxx, -f77, -f90, and -fc support to compiler scripts generated by
the darshan-gen-*.pl scripts
* bug fixes:
- potential MAX_BYTE overflow on 32 bit systems
- incorrect pread and pwrite offset tracking
- corrections to darshan-job-summary variance table
- better runtime error handling if bzip or gnuplot tools are insufficient
- improvements to time range in darshan-job-summary graphs
* improved error handling when writing log files. If a write fails then the
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