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OUTPUT=darshan-util.pdf darshan-util.html
all:: $(PDF)
all:: $(OUTPUT)
%.pdf: %.txt
a2x -f pdf $<
%.html: %.txt
asciidoc $<
rm -f $(PDF)
rm -f $(OUTPUT)
......@@ -3,13 +3,11 @@ Darshan-util installation and usage
== Introduction
This document describes darshan-util, which is a collection of tools that
aid in parsing and summarizing log files produced by the darshan-runtime
instrumentation. The two packages can be installed independently.
For example, you may wish to install darshan-util by itself on a
workstation in order to analyze logs that were produced on a separate
HPC system. Darshan log files are platform-independent and can be
processed on any architecture.
This document describes darshan-util, a collection of tools for
parsing and summarizing log files produced by Darshan instrumentation.
The darshan-util package can be installed and used on any system
regardless of where the logs were originally generated. Darshan log
files are platform-independent.
== Requirements
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