Commit ac6c6442 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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bug fix in darshan put_header routine

parent d3ebeb50
......@@ -967,10 +967,9 @@ static int darshan_log_putheader(darshan_fd fd)
header.magic_nr = DARSHAN_MAGIC_NR;
header.comp_type = fd->comp_type;
header.partial_flag = fd->partial_flag;
/* copy the mapping information to the header */
memcpy(&header.rec_map, &fd->rec_map, sizeof(struct darshan_log_map));
memcpy(&header.mod_map, &fd->mod_map, DARSHAN_MAX_MODS * sizeof(struct darshan_log_map));
memcpy(header.mod_map, fd->mod_map, DARSHAN_MAX_MODS * sizeof(struct darshan_log_map));
memcpy(header.mod_ver, fd->mod_ver, DARSHAN_MAX_MODS * sizeof(uint32_t));
/* write header to file */
ret = darshan_log_write(fd, &header, sizeof(header));
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