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update documentation to no longer recommend --enable-stat-at-open anywhere

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......@@ -2,11 +2,13 @@
Darshan Release Change Log
* Fix bug in mount point identification when --enable-stat-at-open option is
not used. In Darshan 2.2.4, some file entries were recorded as using the "/"
file system regardless of their location.
* Update documentation to no longer recommend --enable-stat-at-open option on
any systems
......@@ -196,17 +196,13 @@ The following example shows how to configure Darshan on a BG/P system:
./configure --with-mem-align=16 \
--with-log-path=/home/carns/working/darshan/releases/logs \
--prefix=/home/carns/working/darshan/install --with-jobid-env=COBALT_JOBID \
--with-zlib=/soft/apps/zlib-1.2.3/ --enable-stat-at-open \
--with-zlib=/soft/apps/zlib-1.2.3/ \
--host=powerpc-bgp-linux CC=/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/comm/default/bin/mpicc
The --enable-stat-at-open time option is specified to allow Darshan to
collect additional information for newly opened files. The GPFS file system
typically deployed in conjunction with Blue Gene systems does not produce
significant additional overhead from the use of this option.
The memory alignment is set to 16 not because that is the proper alignment
for the BG/P CPU architecture, but because that is the optimal alignment for
the network transport used between compute nodes and I/O nodes in the
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