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quick script to pull compute node and runtime statistics out of an

anonymized and annotated darshan log

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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# (C) 2011 by Argonne National Laboratory.
# See COPYRIGHT in top-level directory.
# takes a single darshan log as input; expectation is that the log is from
# the public data repo and has been annotated with compute node information.
# Prints 3 columns: file name, compute nodes, and run time
sub main()
my $logfile;
my $header;
my $cn;
my $runtime;
$header = `darshan-parser $logfile |head -n 50`;
if($header =~ /cn = (\d+)/){
$cn = $1;
if($header =~ /run time: (\d+)/){
$runtime = $1;
return 0;
# Main
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