Commit 580be9ee authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns
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updated to inspect symbol names when linking and decide whether to

enable darshan or not based on the presence of MPI and/or PMPI symbols;
mpicc only so far

git-svn-id: 3b7491f3-a168-0410-bf4b-c445ed680a29
parent 32dbe422
......@@ -251,18 +251,47 @@ if [ "$linking" = yes ] ; then
# prepend the path for the shared libraries to the library list
mpilibs="$C_LINKPATH_SHL$libdir $mpilibs"
# check to see if the command line refers to any profilers that might
# use PMPI.
profiler_check=`echo "${allargs[@]}" | ${DARSHAN_BIN_PATH}/`
if [ "$profiler_check" = "" ] ; then
$Show $CC "${allargs[@]}" -L${DARSHAN_LIB_PATH} \
${CP_ZLIB_LINK_FLAGS} -ldarshan-mpi-io -lz -I$includedir $CFLAGS \
${CP_WRAPPERS} $LDFLAGS -L$libdir -L$opalibdir $mpilibs \
# it looks like the user wants to use another tool with PMPI; don't
# link in Darshan PMPI wrappers (disables Darshan)
$Show $CC "${allargs[@]}" -I$includedir $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS -L$libdir -L$opalibdir $mpilibs $MPI_OTHERLIBS
# Trial run to generate a symbol listing. We only enable Darshan if:
# a) MPI is used
# b) PMPI is _not_ used
# We want Darshan to get out of the way if the user is doing a runtime
# test in configure (in which case MPI objects break the executable) or
# if the user is using another PMPI based tool
stock_link_cmd="$CC ${allargs[@]} -I$includedir $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS -L$libdir -L$opalibdir $mpilibs $MPI_OTHERLIBS"
darshan_link_cmd="$CC ${allargs[@]} -L${DARSHAN_LIB_PATH} ${CP_ZLIB_LINK_FLAGS} -ldarshan-mpi-io -lz -I$includedir $CFLAGS ${CP_WRAPPERS} $LDFLAGS -L$libdir -L$opalibdir $mpilibs $MPI_OTHERLIBS -L${DARSHAN_LIB_PATH} -ldarshan-posix"
# create a temporary file
# generate a map of the symbol names
$stock_link_cmd -Wl,-Map,$tmpfile $LDFLAGS -o /dev/null >& /dev/null
# is MPI in there?
grep MPI $tmpfile >& /dev/null
# is PMPI in there (except for the mpich library itself)?
grep \(PMPI $tmpfile | grep -v mpich.cnk.a >& /dev/null
rm $tmpfile >& /dev/null
# disable darshan if the executable is not an MPI program (this feature
# mainly allows runtime configure tests to work
if [ $rc_mpi -eq 0 ] ; then
# disable darshan if something else is already using PMPI; we don't
# want to cause any symbol conflicts
if [ $rc_pmpi -ne 0 ] ; then
$Show $darshan_link_cmd
# otherwise use the normal command line
if [ "$used_darshan" = "0" ] ; then
$Show $stock_link_cmd
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