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......@@ -491,10 +491,11 @@ column is the maximum offset accessed.
===== Totals
Use the `--total` option to get all statistics as an aggregate total.
Statistics that make sense to be aggregated are aggregated. Other statistics
may be a minimum or maximum if that makes sense. Other data maybe zeroed if
it doesn't make sense to aggregate the data.
Use the `--total` option to get all statistics as an aggregate total rather
than broken down per file. Each field is either summed across files and
process (for values such as number of opens), set to global minimums and
maximums (for values such as open time and close time), or zeroed out (for
statistics that are nonsensical in aggregate).
.Example output
......@@ -533,11 +534,18 @@ file.
5041708885572677970 /projects/SSSPPg/snyder/ior/ior.dat 1024 16.342061 1.705930
This data could be post-processed to compute more in-depth statistics, such as
the total number of MPI files and total number of POSIX files used in a
job, categorizing files into independent/unique/local files (opened by
1 process), subset/partially shared files (opened by a proper subset of
processes) or globally shared files (opened by all processes), and ranking
files according to how much time was spent performing I/O in each file.
===== Detailed file list
The `--file-list-detailed` is the same as --file-list except that it
produces many columns of output containing statistics broken down by file.
This option is mainly useful for automated analysis.
This option is mainly useful for more detailed automated analysis.
=== Other darshan-util utilities
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