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=== Other command line utilities
The darshan-util package includes a number of other utilies that can be
summarized briefly as follows:
* darshan-convert: converts an existing log file to the newest log format.
If the output file has a .bz2 extension, then it will be re-compressed in
bz2 format rather than gz format. It also has command line options for
anonymizing personal data and adding metadata annotation to the log header.
* darshan-diff: compares two darshan log files and shows counters that
* darshan-analyzer: walks an entire directory tree of Darshan log files and
produces a summary of the types of access methods used in those log files
* darshan-logutils*: this is a library rather than an executable, but it
provides a C inteface for opening and parsing Darshan log files. This is
the recommended method for writing custom utilities, as darshan-logutils
provides a relatively stable interface across different versions of Darshan
and different log formats.
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