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# What is Sonata?
Sonata is a remotely-accessibl JSON document store based on UnQLite and on
the Mochi suit of libraries. It enables managing collections of JSON records,
searching through them, and running Jx9 scripts on them.
# Got some examples?
A comprehensive set of examples is available in [this directory](examples).
# How do I install Sonata?
The easiest way to install Sonata is to use [spack](
Once you have spack installed and setup on your machine, you need to added the
mochi namespace to it, as follows.
git clone
spack repo add sds-repo
You can now install Sonata as follows.
spack install mochi-sonata
# And then?
Sonata comes in three libraries: sonata-server, sonata-client, and sonata-admin.
The server library contains the `sonata::Provider` class, which allows to start
a Sonata service on a server program. The admin library contains the
`sonata::Admin` class, which enables creating and destroying database on a
running provider. The `sonata::Client` class is contained in the client library.
This class provides the main interface to open a database, and manipulat
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