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# Tau SDSKV Plugin
The TAU SDSKV Plugin logs TAU Profiling events to an SDSKV Key-Value Database.
## Dependencies
The TAU SDSKV Plugin depends on these libraries, which can all be installed via
* Repo: builtin
* [argobots](
* [mercury](
* [tau](
* Repo: [sds-repo](
* [margo](
* [sdskeyval](
It is recommended to install these packages using Spack, but you should also be
able to install them via their typical install mechanisms.
## Building
CMake is used to build the plugin. Configuration and build is typical:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j
TODO: Support install
## How To Use
The TAU SDSKV Plugin is registered like any other TAU Plugin - you must set the
`TAU_PLUGINS` and `TAU_PLUGINS_PATH` environment variables. e.g.:
export TAU_PLUGINS_PATH=/home/agaspar/Code/tau-sdskeyval/build/plugin/
In addition, you need to tell the plugin which SDSKV daemon to connect to using
For example, imagine you launched the `sdskv-server-daemon` like so:
sdskv-server-daemon tcp:// tau:bdb &
You can tell the TAU SDSKV Plugin to connect to the "tau" database at
"tcp://" with these settings:
export TAU_SDSKV_SERVER=tcp://
export TAU_SDSKV_DB=tau
### Prefix Name (Optional)
If you'd like to set a per-dump prefix name, you'll need to link
`tau_sdskeyval_control`. When you've done that, you can call
`tausdskeyval_set_dump_name` in `tau-dskeyval/plugin.h`.
An example use case is to call this once per simulation time step prior to a
call to `Tau_dump` with a name unique to the time-step.
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