Commit 29a7f9d0 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder

make the forwarding of leave reqs best effort

if a leaving member fails to forward the request to another
member, shutdown the group locally anyway. the member will
eventually be evicted via fault detection. we can always come
back and add more retry logic here.
parent 40a22e32
......@@ -733,11 +733,13 @@ int ssg_group_leave_target(
/* send leave request to target member if one is available */
sret = ssg_group_leave_send(group_id, target_addr,
/* XXX note that the leave request forward is best effort currently --
* it is possible that no other group member receives the leave request,
* in which case the member will have to be evicted by fault detection
if (target_addr_str)
margo_addr_free(g_desc->g_data.g->mid_state->mid, target_addr);
if (sret != SSG_SUCCESS) return sret;
/* at this point we've tried forwarding the leave request to a group member --
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