Commit fe2b0b71 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder

reimplement view_create based on sparse ids

parent 9d98b9db
......@@ -42,9 +42,12 @@ extern "C" {
typedef struct ssg_member_state
ssg_member_id_t id;
char *addr_str;
hg_addr_t addr;
int is_member;
int is_member; /* XXX remove */
struct ssg_member_state *next;
UT_hash_handle hh;
} ssg_member_state_t;
/* TODO: associate a version number with a descriptor */
......@@ -60,7 +63,8 @@ typedef struct ssg_group_descriptor
typedef struct ssg_group_view
unsigned int size;
ssg_member_state_t *member_states;
ssg_member_state_t *member_list;
ssg_member_state_t *member_map;
} ssg_group_view_t;
typedef struct ssg_group
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