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simple script for getting swim stats

parent c0b2f5fd
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import re
class MemberInfo(object):
__slots__ = ('fail_ts', 'first_suspect_ts', 'first_dead_ts',
'last_dead_ts', 'dead_update_count')
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
print "Usage: <swim log file>"
swim_log = sys.argv[1]
member_info = {}
# ssg debug output looks like "timestamp <member>"
swim_dbg_pattern = re.compile('^\d+.\d+ <\d+>')
with open(swim_log, 'rU') as f:
for line in f:
if not swim_dbg_pattern.match(line):
fields = line.split(" ")
ts = float(fields[0])
member = int(fields[1][1:-2])
update = fields[2:]
if update[0] == "group" and update[1] == "lookup" and update[2] == "successful":
group_size = update[3][6:-2]
if update[0] != "swim" or update[1] != "member":
target_member = int(update[2])
target_member_status = update[3]
if target_member not in member_info:
member_info[target_member] = MemberInfo()
# TODO: consider alive updates & incarnation numbers?
if target_member_status == "FAIL":
if not hasattr(member_info[target_member], 'fail_ts'):
member_info[target_member].fail_ts = ts
elif target_member_status == "SUSPECT":
if not hasattr(member_info[target_member], 'first_suspect_ts'):
member_info[target_member].first_suspect_ts = ts
elif target_member_status == "DEAD":
if not hasattr(member_info[target_member], 'first_dead_ts'):
member_info[target_member].first_dead_ts = ts
member_info[target_member].dead_update_count = 0
member_info[target_member].dead_update_count += 1
member_info[target_member].last_dead_ts = ts
for member in member_info:
if not hasattr(member_info[member], 'fail_ts'):
member_info[member].fail_ts = float('nan')
print "Member %d fail info:" % member
print "\tfail time = %f" % member_info[member].fail_ts
print "\tfirst suspect time = %f" % member_info[member].first_suspect_ts
print "\tfirst dead time = %f" % member_info[member].first_dead_ts
print "\tlast dead time = %f (%d)" % (member_info[member].first_dead_ts, member_info[member].dead_update_count)
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