Commit 3f68447e authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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add the full mercury-runner command line

parent 2eba6de4
......@@ -13,5 +13,5 @@ echo "## Margo CCI/VERBS (round trip):"
mpirun -f $COBALT_NODEFILE -n 2 ./margo-p2p-latency -i 100000 -n verbs://
echo "## Margo CCI/VERBS (round trip) with diagnostics:"
mpirun -f $COBALT_NODEFILE -n 2 ./margo-p2p-latency -i 100000 -n verbs:// -d $COBALT_JOBID.diag
#echo "## Mercury-runner CCI/VERBS (round trip):"
#mpirun -f $COBALT_NODEFILE -n 2 ./mercury-runner -q -c 100000 -l 1 -M -m c 1 localspec remotespec
echo "## Mercury-runner CCI/VERBS (round trip):"
mpirun -f $COBALT_NODEFILE -n 2 ./mercury-runner -q -c 100000 -l 1 -m c -M -d `pwd` 1 h0=verbs:// h1
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