Commit a1df8a86 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns
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set cooley nightlies to run margo and bake only for now

parent 204025fc
......@@ -58,7 +58,11 @@ spack bootstrap
# clean out any stray packages from previous runs, just in case
spack uninstall -R -y argobots mercury rdma-core libfabric || true
# ior acts as our "apex" package here, causing several other packages to build
spack install ior@develop +mobject
# TODO: temporary, for now just testing bake and margo until mobject is
# updated to use same version of ssg 2019-11-11
# spack install ior@develop +mobject
spack install ssg
spack install bake
# check what stable version of bake we got
BAKE_STABLE_VER=`spack find bake |grep bake |grep -v file-backend`
# load an additional version of bake that uses a file backend
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