Commit 68c5a75e authored by Rob Latham's avatar Rob Latham
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track latest versions of our software

policy change:  by tracking @develop versions, we can catch any
incompatiblilites or performance regressions sooner.  It does mean we
are not regression-testing a released stack, so perhaps we should run a
weekly/monthly integeration check against fixed versions?
parent be52af1a
......@@ -47,9 +47,8 @@ cp $SANDBOX/packages.yaml $SPACK_ROOT/etc/spack
echo "repos:" > $SPACK_ROOT/etc/spack/repos.yaml
echo "- ${SANDBOX}/sds-repo" >> $SPACK_ROOT/etc/spack/repos.yaml
spack uninstall -R -y argobots mercury opa-psm2 bake || true
# build problem with recent opa-psm2
spack install --dirty ssg ^mercury@develop ^opa-psm2@10.3-17
spack install --dirty bake ^mercury@develop ^opa-psm2@10.3-17
# nightly tests should test nightly software!
spack install ior@mobject +mobject ^margo@develop ^mercury@develop ^mobject@develop ^bake@develop ^remi@develop ^thallium@develop ^sdskeyval@develop ^ssg@develop
# deliberately repeat setup-env step after building modules to ensure
# that we pick up the right module paths
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