Commit eb5ec539 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns
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one last margo bump in sds-repo

- make sure we don't cause segfaults for people that haven't updated to
  github location yet
parent 91cd3d73
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ class MochiMargo(AutotoolsPackage):
version('main', branch='main')
version('develop', branch='main')
version('0.9.3', sha256='1331423d4864349c3a9ec52b2114122659da310d5270fa1aea652e8ee48a0b3a')
version('0.9.2', sha256='de88cd725c8ff3ec63412f3f5ed22ad1a56cb367c31b842c816ce40cba777f7c')
version('0.9.1', sha256='3fe933f2d758ef23d582bc776e4f8cfae9bf9d0849b8b1f9d73ee024e218f2bc')
version('0.9', sha256='a24376f66450cc8fd7a43043e189f8efce5a931585e53c1e2e41894a3e99b517')
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