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......@@ -85,11 +85,37 @@ generaly because they are either large packages or have large dependencies. I
tend to work from MPICH's latest version in git, so I have also told spack
about my locally installed MPICH.
Note that if you prefer to have spack use mpich over openmpi any time that
"mpi" is a package dependency, add this to your packages.yaml as well:
# prefer MPICH by default
mpi: [mpich,openmpi]
These `packages` files live in a platform-specific directory (run `spack arch
-p` to see what platform spack thinks you are on). Pretty helpful for e.g.
Argonne, where a home file system is shared between a linux cluster, a blue
gene, and a Cray. You can describe `` for each platform.
### Side note: using modules
Spack works well with the module command for loading and unloading
particular packages in your environment once they have been built. In theory
you could integrate it with an existing environment-modules or lmod package
on your system. Alternatively you can have spack set up its own modules
* run ```spack bootstrap```
* this will make spack build and install its very own
environment-modules package that is automatically aware of packages
that have been installed via spack
The remainder of this document assumes that you will use the module command
to load and unload packages once built.
### Further package configuration
Spack has a bit of trouble resolving a dependency if it is not exactly the same
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ class Bake(AutotoolsPackage):
homepage = ""
url = ""
version('master', git='')
version('master', git='')
......@@ -66,7 +66,9 @@ class Sdskeyval(AutotoolsPackage):
+ spec['boost'].prefix +'/lib'])
if '+bdb' in spec:
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