Commit 6bdc209d authored by Matthieu Dorier's avatar Matthieu Dorier
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version 0.1 of poesie package

parent a0a599cd
......@@ -30,13 +30,15 @@ class Poesie(AutotoolsPackage):
homepage = ""
url = ""
git = ""
version('master', git='')
version('develop', branch='master')
version('0.1', tag='v0.1')
variant('lua', default=True, description="Enable Lua interpreters")
variant('python', default=True, description="Enable Python interpreters")
depends_on('margo', type=("build", "link", "run"))
depends_on('margo@0.4:', type=("build", "link", "run"))
# variable dependencies
depends_on('lua', when="+lua")
depends_on('python', when="+python")
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