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document how to set variants in packages.yaml

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......@@ -90,6 +90,28 @@ These `packages` files live in a platform-specific directory (run `spack arch
Argonne, where a home file system is shared between a linux cluster, a blue
gene, and a Cray. You can describe `` for each platform.
### Further package configuration
Spack has a bit of trouble resolving a dependency if it is not exactly the same
between packages. For example, the `ssg` package depends on mercury.
`sdskeyval` depends on mercury too, but explicitly requests the
`mercury+selfforward` variant. If you install `ssg`, then install `sdskeyval`,
you will end up with two instances of mercury. If you remember to install
`ssg` with the `mercury+selfforward` variant, you can avoid this duplication,
but it's easy to forget (and kind of a pain) to type `spack install
In my `~/.spack/linux/packages.yaml` I tell spack I'd like to always build particular variants:
variants: +selfforward
variants: +mpi
## Using Mochi Suite
One consequence of the spack design (where packages are installed into a prefix
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