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just use spack bootstrap to make life easier

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### Side note: using modules
Spack works well with the module command for loading and unloading
particular packages in your environment once they have been built. You can
get the module command using any of these methods:
* install the environment-modules package in your distribution
* then add . /etc/profile.d/ to your bashrc
* install the lmod package in your distribution
* see lmod documentation for what to do next
* this is a competitor to environment-modules that has similar syntax
* run spack bootstrap
particular packages in your environment once they have been built. In theory
you could integrate it with an existing environment-modules or lmod package
on your system. Alternatively you can have spack set up its own modules
* run ```spack bootstrap```
* this will make spack build and install its very own
environment-modules package, as well as a variety of other system
utilities that it might want
environment-modules package that is automatically aware of packages
that have been installed via spack
The remainder of this document assumes that you will use the module command
to load and unload packages once built.
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