Commit 185d0a4b authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns
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new bake and mobject versions

parent 104b82f4
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ class Mobject(AutotoolsPackage):
url = ""
git = ''
version('0.4.3', tag='v0.4.3')
version('0.4.2', tag='v0.4.2')
version('0.4.1', tag='v0.4.1')
version('0.4', tag='v0.4')
......@@ -56,7 +57,8 @@ class Mobject(AutotoolsPackage):
depends_on('mochi-bake@0.3:0.3.6', when='@:0.4.1')
depends_on('mochi-bake@0.4:', when='@0.4.2:');
depends_on('mochi-bake@0.4:', when='@0.4.2');
depends_on('mochi-bake@0.6:', when='@0.4.3:');
# Mochi dependencies for develop version
depends_on('mochi-margo@develop', when='@develop')
......@@ -10,10 +10,7 @@ class MochiBake(AutotoolsPackage):
version('develop', branch='master')
version('master', branch='master')
# branch with bedrock support under development
version('head-bedrock', branch='dev-bedrock-26')
# branch with misc experimental features combined for testing
version('head-carns-exp', branch='carns/dev-experimental')
version('0.6', tag='v0.6')
version('0.5', tag='v0.5.0')
version('0.4.1', tag='v0.4.1')
version('0.4', tag='v0.4')
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