Commit 06b683b0 authored by Matthieu Dorier's avatar Matthieu Dorier
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putting back develop version in margo package

parent cbc29267
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ class MochiMargo(AutotoolsPackage):
maintainers = ['carns', 'mdorier', 'fbudin69500', 'chuckatkins']
version('master', branch='master')
version('develop', branch='master')
version('0.9', sha256='a24376f66450cc8fd7a43043e189f8efce5a931585e53c1e2e41894a3e99b517')
version('0.7', sha256='492d1afe2e7984fa638614a5d34486d2ff761f5599b5984efd5ae3f55cafde54')
version('0.7.2', sha256='0ca796abdb82084813a5de033d92364910b5ad1a0df135534d6b1c36ef627859')
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