Commit e2e46d0e authored by David Rich's avatar David Rich Committed by Rob Latham
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Have kv_open send name, key type, and value type in RPC call.

parent 8aea6b58
......@@ -66,7 +66,10 @@ hg_return_t kv_open(kv_context *context, const char *server_addr, const char *db
context->open_id, &handle);
assert(ret == HG_SUCCESS); = (char*)db_name; = (hg_string_t)db_name;
open_in.keytype = keytype;
open_in.valtype = valtype;
ret = margo_forward(handle, &open_in);
assert(ret == HG_SUCCESS);
ret = margo_get_output(handle, &open_out);
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