Commit 4f2f2902 authored by Matthieu Dorier's avatar Matthieu Dorier
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corrected bug in sdskv_get_multi

parent f9201ee6
......@@ -670,6 +670,20 @@ int sdskv_get_multi(sdskv_provider_handle_t provider,
size_t num, const void* const* keys, const hg_size_t* ksizes,
void** values, hg_size_t *vsizes)
/******* NOTE ********
* This function works as follows:
* - in.keys_bulk_handle will be a multi-segment bulk handle of num+1 segments.
* The addresses to these segments are stored in key_seg_ptrs and their size
* is in key_seg_sizes. Segment 0 will point to the ksizes array and will be
* used to communicate the size of each key. The next segments will be used
* to communicate the keys themselves.
* - in.vals_bulk_handle will be a bulk handle exposing a large single segment.
* The beginning of this segment will be used to hold num hg_size_t values
* corresponding to the sizes allocated for each value, and that the server
* will modifiy with the actual sizes. The rest of the buffer will be used
* for the server to push actual values, which will be concatenated back to back
* and will require unpacking to be put into the values input buffers.
hg_return_t hret;
int ret;
hg_handle_t handle = HG_HANDLE_NULL;
......@@ -724,7 +738,7 @@ int sdskv_get_multi(sdskv_provider_handle_t provider,
/* create the bulk handle to access the values */
hret = margo_bulk_create(provider->client->mid, num, (void**)&vals_buffer, &in.vals_bulk_size,
hret = margo_bulk_create(provider->client->mid, 1, (void**)&vals_buffer, &in.vals_bulk_size,
HG_BULK_READWRITE, &in.vals_bulk_handle);
if(hret != HG_SUCCESS) {
fprintf(stderr,"[SDSKV] margo_bulk_create() failed in sdskv_get_multi()\n");
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