Commit 935269c5 authored by Matthieu Dorier's avatar Matthieu Dorier
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fixed reduce's return code

parent d84fb7d7
......@@ -887,14 +887,14 @@ na_return_t mona_comm_reduce(mona_comm_t comm,
// We should try implementing the reduce_scatter_gather algorithm,
// for large data sizes, and also enable n-ary trees instead of
// binomial.
na_return_t na_ret;
na_return_t na_ret = NA_SUCCESS;
int comm_size, rank, lroot, relrank;
int mask, source;
// the temp is to store the intermediate results recieved from the source
void* tempSrc = NULL;
int mallocRcvbuffer = 0;
if (count == 0) return 0;
if (count == 0) return na_ret;
comm_size = comm->size;
rank = comm->rank;
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